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DOWNLOAD: Uniform Issue Record

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Do you provide your staff with uniforms free of charge? If so, you'll want to keep a record of what you have issued and to whom. Use this sheet to streamline this process.

If you have a recorded account of all uniforms that have been issued to your staff you are in a better position to ensure that uniforms are returned and in good order.

When a staff member is issued with uniform record it on this Uniform Issue Sheet and when they leave your business check off each piece upon its return.

For missing articles, you can decide whether staff members are obliged to pay for them or not.

What this template can do for your business:

1. Focus staff on taking more care of uniforms they may have to pay for.
2. Allows you to keep an eye on what uniform items need to be charged for.
3. Allows you to recoup the cost of lost uniforms easily.

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