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Responsible Service of Alcohol: Strategy to prevent customer intoxication

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Your House Policy contains goals that you are committed to achieving and a strategy is how you will achieve them. There are many strategies that you can easily employ to prevent intoxication in your business. The following are three easy but important factors that should form part of your strategy to avoid intoxication.


It should always be part of your business practice to have glasses or jugs of water available free of charge for your customers. These will be attractive for customers who want to 'space' their drinks and also for those who are driving. Make sure your water is kept fresh and is available in a prominent position for customers to obtain easily.

Serving food

Serving food helps you avoid intoxication in two ways:

·  Food slows down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream

·  When customers are eating they are likely to slow down their drinking

Some establishments offer free snacks around meal times, this will entice customers into your eatery and many customers that drop into your premise after work are likely to have an empty stomach. You will also find that customers appreciate well-priced and interesting snacks.

Promote low alcohol drinks and non-alcoholic drinks

Encourage moderate drinking and safe driving by offering your customers low alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Under normal drinking conditions it is difficult for customers to exceed .08 BAC when drinking low alcohol beer. Not only will promoting low alcohol drinks be attractive to your customers but it is also a commercial opportunity for licensees.

These are just some of the strategies you can use to encourage responsible drinking in your premises. You may also want to look at making sure that your customers are aware that you reserve the right to refuse sale on intoxication grounds, re-adjust your pricing to encourage moderation as well as re-thinking your bulk sales such as beer jugs and wine only being sold by the bottle.

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