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Beer Cost Calculator

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Instructions for use:

Item Description: Enter the name of your product here.

Case/Keg Cost($): Enter the total cost to you of purchasing the case/keg beer

Pack Size/Keg Size: Enter the size in units

Unit: Enter your unit of service here (normally units)

Adjustment for license fees: If you account for your license fees in your liquor calculations, enter the number of units you allow for license fees in each bottle here.

Pour Size: This will be the number of Units in each pour (for example 1 bottle)

Portion Unit: This will normally be the same as the Unit

Mix or Garnish Cost: Insert the cost in $ of your slice of lemon/olive/salt rim here.

Desired Pour Cost %: Maybe the most important line. Insert your required pour cost percentage here. No need for the % symbol.

Calculate: Pressing this will determine your results.


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Printer-Friendly Format
·  Liquor Pour Cost Calculator