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Bar Promotion Strategies
Bar Promotion: Chef Challenge
TV cooking shows has become almost ridiculously popular. So why not hold your own live chef challenge by challenging other bars and restaurants in your area. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Cook Off
Cook offs are a great draw on weekends. Hold your own local cook off and get all the locals to compete. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Fair Night
Everyone loves the fair, but it seems like it takes far too long to come around each year. Run your own fair themed night with fair type games set up with goldfish and stuffed animals to win. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Celebrity Look-A-Like Contest
As a break from random fancy dress nights, run a celebrity lookalike night. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Lingerie Night
Lingerie nights are a slam dunk winner every time with both the guys and girls. You can either organize it as a lingerie show and hire or get volunteers to show off sexy lingerie which can also be on sale if you get a local store to sponsor it. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Amazing Race
Hold your own amazing race in the theme of the hit TV series. If you're not familiar with this series, it is based around competing teams traveling to different cities and countries following clues and hoping to win the grand prize at the end. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Hold a Poetry Night
Poetry is still much more popular than many think. Hold your own poetry evening. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Marathon
Marathons and other walks and races are great ways to raise money for charity and create publicity. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: School Reunion
Sure, schools hold there own reunions sometimes, but why not hold your own to make your bar the official school hangout for those still living in the area. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Brazilian Night
Host a Brazilian night complete with carnival dressed dancers, Brazilian music and a range of Brazilian themed drinks such as Caipirovskas, Ciaprinas and more. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Drink Olympics
This can be run at anytime or in conjunction with the real Olympic Games, either in the Winter or the Summer. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Foreign Exchange Night
Build the appeal for your bar on an international level by teaming up with a foreign bar for a foreign exchange night. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: War on Terror Night
This could be a little touchy for some and will appeal to American bars more than other bar owners overseas, but why not show your patriotic side and support for the hard work the troops are doing overseas. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Blind Date Night
Holding your own blind date night can be a huge blast and a reason to get all the singles out, not just those desperate for a date. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Skateboarding Night
Skateboarding isn´t just for minors any more and it has a huge cult following. Why not throw your own skateboarding night complete with skateboard ramps outdoors and Wii games available inside. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Jamaican Night
A Jamaican themed night can offer plenty of opportunities to add a little something different. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Pirates of the Caribbean
The Pirates of The Caribbean Trilogy is perhaps one of the most well known movie series in history with a huge following. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Whole Pig Roast
Weekends, bars and food go hand in hand, but people get bored of the same old thing after a while so why not put on a whole pig roast to offer something different and turn the average weekend into a party day. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Networking Event
Host a networking event. Associations and companies are always looking for new business and networking is often the most cost effective and efficient way to solve that. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Fear Factor
Everyone should remember the show Fear Factor which involved contestants facing their worst fears whether it was a fear of heights, claustrophobia or repulsive food. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Food Eating Contest
Food eating contests are easy to get almost anyone involved in and can create an exciting and memorable night for all those who attend. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Bikini Night
Bikini nights are probably one of the greatest attractions that bars and clubs can run. You can either just get everyone dressed up in their beach gear or hold a bikini contest with a cash prize. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Italian Night
Another great theme night, especially for those bars serving food. Break out your best Italian dishes and wines, play the Godfather movies on the TVs and have your clients dress up as old time gangsters. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Couple's Night
Most nights these days are aimed at singles, which often causes couples to try and stop each other from getting out - your solution - couples night. Now there is no excuse not to get every one out. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Bachelorette Night
Far too many women never got to have their own bachelorette party, others never plan to get married and others still probably need a night to celebrate their divorce, so why not throw them all a party in their honor. . . . keep reading

Bar Promotion: Tie Dye Night
Take a trip back to the past with a tie dye night. Have customers wear their own or even better if they create them at your bar. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Playboy Mansion Night
Of course the Playboy Mansion is possibly one of the sexiest places on the planet and not everyone gets to go, so hold your own Playboy mansion night, no matter where your bar is located in the world. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Gothic Night
While goth music may not be as trendy as it was a few years ago in many areas you may be surprised to find how many of your locals are interested . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Jazz Night
Jazz nights can offer something quite different than the dull and ordinary nights out that just seem to be the same thing repeated again and again. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Bingo Night
Bingo is possibly one of the most popular games in existence. While it may not sound like the most exciting game to some, once you get your customers playing it will have them glued. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Pool/Snooker Competition
Many bars survive by hosting pool leagues alone, so why not host your own pool tournament. Perhaps you can even challenge other local bars to drag away their customers with one bar as the ultimate winner. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Car Show Night
So many bars have bike nights, so make your bar promotion a little different and host a car show. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Firefighters Night
Support your local heroes by throwing a night in honor of your town or city's firefighters. They are known as being great drinkers and could mean a new niche group of locals for you. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Dishes & Dates Night
As a break from the regular singles nights and speed dating set up, why not have a food themed singles night? . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Fishing Night
Why not hold a fishing themed night in conjunction with any fishing tournaments held around the year. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Country Night
Country nights can be a surprisingly big hit no matter where your bar is. Break out the country music. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Sex & the City Night
Sex & the City is one of those phenomenons that just never seems to go away and has a huge cult following of all types of people. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Twister Challenge
Twister is one of the world´s most legendary games. You know it, spin the wheel and touch a color; it has been a staple at adult home parties for years. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Turn Your Bar Into An Art Gallery
Turn your bar into an art gallery for an evening or even longer. Some bars offer up their wall space on long term arrangements with local artists in return for a share of the sale price. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Security Appreciation Night
Security guards and bouncers never seem to get much appreciation so why not run a night in their honor. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Hold an Auction
Auctions are a great way to keep your bar lively while adding something new. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: New Menu Night
If your bar serves food and is working on a new menu the best way to find winners is to get the customers opinion before you go all out ordering and printing new menus. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Dessert Night
Everyone loves dessert. Too many people stop themselves from indulging too often so create a night when no one can refuse. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Oktoberfest
Not everyone can make it to Germany to indulge themselves at Oktoberfest. So bring a little taste of Oktoberfest to your town. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Darts Competition
While it may not be as popular as some of the other competitive sports, darts is one of the original core pub sports and one of the most popular pub activities in the UK. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Pink Party Night
Many clubs and bars hold black and white nights, so why not do a little something different and hold a pink night. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Coyote Ugly Night
The Coyote Ugly movie has spawned a few themed bars of it's own but if there are none near you then a Coyote Ugly night will be sure to draw masses for a glimpse. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Reality Show Pilot
Reality shows are still all the rage around the world and everyone thinks they could be much more interesting than those they see on TV, so why not give your customers a shot. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Comedy Night
People pay good money to make trips out to comedy clubs and will travel miles to get there. Many well known comedy clubs started off as a bar with a small stage and grew into big comedy venues. . . . keep reading
Bar Promotion: Fetish Night
Sexy fetish nights have packed out bars and clubs with long waiting lines and you may be extremely surprised at who shows up dressed in their best kinky gear, whether it is your attorney or politician! . . . keep reading
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